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Jay B Gaskill is the California trial and appellate attorney who served as the 7th Alameda County
Public Defender, one of the oldest such institutions; it was started in 1929 by then Alameda County
District Attorney, Earl Warren.  Here is an Early History of the Alameda County Public Defender's
Office (1927-1987) -


    Seven articles from Jay Gaskill's "life of Crime" Period

Saving Oakland – a Tribune Op Ed

A Working Paper for Oakland Mayor Jerry Brown on
Combating Crime

Public Defender Jay Gaskill's
Speech to the Sheriff's Peace Officer Training Academy Graduates

The Case Against Legalizing Narcotics   

Arguments Favoring the Death Penalty for Certain Murders

"Inside the Criminal Mind" - From Jay Gaskill's "
Thugology 101" Lecture Series,

                                  THREE NOTORIOUS CRIMINAL TRIALS

After serving ten years as the Chief Alameda County Public Defender, Gaskill undertook blog
projects for three high profile criminal trials, starting with the Scott Peterson case (http://en.wikipedia.
org/wiki/Scott_Peterson), a California man who was eventually convicted and sentenced to death for
the murder of his wife and unborn child, having disposed of the body in the nearby Bay. Gaskill's blog
attracted a web audience of several thousand.  Here is the chronicle of that day-to-day account.

The Scott Peterson Trial

A similarly large audience followed the trial of a teenager with "Goth"associations who was
convicted of knifing to death the wife of a prominent lawyer at home, leaving a bizarre, Satani symbol
carved on her back.  Here is that account:

The Dysleki Murder Trial  

A Bay Area computer genius, Hans Reiser, was convicted of killing his Russian born wife, then
secretly burying her remains in the Oakland hill, claiming that she had fled to Russia.  Thebody was
unearthed only after the conviction.  Gaskill's day-to-day trial commentary resulted in an appearance
on CBS 48 hours.  Here is that account in five separate, somewhat overlapping accounts:  

The Hans Reiser Murder Case, 1

Reiser, 2

Reiser, 3

Reiser, 4

Reiser, 5

NOTE: The Reiser Case was covered on CBS 48 Hours. Comments from Jay Gaskill, former Alameda County Public Defender
had been featured on a special Tuesday evening Telecast of ¨CBS 48 Hours¨ Mystery. Streaming video of a final program,
combining the pre-verdict and post-verdict telecasts, is still available from CBS at
50067304/.  This was a compilation of two episodes, one of which aired before the verdict, and featured Gaskill as a commentator,
predicting the eventual outcome.