On Not Exploiting the “Gay” Issue, Part One in a series


I strongly object to the injection of the marital status of our lesbian and gay friends into the current presidential debate.  Nothing good will come of it.  In the larger, real-world context where bad policies kill innocent people and risk whole civilizations, social issues like this one need to proceed gradually, culturally, bottom-up in the territory of hearts and minds, not the overheated arena of wedge issue politics and fundraising.

Let me begin with the end.  Cultural history is not linear.  There is no particular guarantee that what the “decent” people consider to be social progress will continue in a straight line or even continue at all during the lifetimes of the current crop of adults.  This is particularly true of sexual mores. Particular cultures tend to go though “sex cycles”, if you will, from libertine to prudish and back again.  There are cultural limits imposed on our humor at the moment, for example. Our politically correct nannies seek to impose what amounts to a form of neo-prudish repression of expression.


Not only does cultural history stubbornly defy predictions along a timeline, it always plays out differently in different places.  Inevitably there are cultural bubbles, zones defined by a sort of encapsulated cultural consensus like that surrounding San Francisco. Bubble inhabitants tend to misunderstand the rest of the world.


The Gay and Lesbian civil rights struggle has been won as far as most people who live in the “outside-the-bubble USA” are concerned. Within the bubble, gay and lesbian civil rights are still seen through the lens of oppression.  In the larger world, the issue of homosexual marriage is considered a boutique issue, one of marginal concern at best, affecting a tiny fragment of the larger population in a world torn by real repression, terror, plagues and brutal poverty. I believe that gayness is not a genetic accident but a specific adaptation that has added a small, but valuable cohort of innate spiritual peacemakers to the human population.  That perspective changes everything…


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