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If he did it without the assistance of someone, where is the body?  Obviously it would have been helpful (in this hypothetical scenario) if the killer had access to a crematorium.  But involving accomplices tends to involve witnesses. 

Query: Who might have been willing to help Hans?  A corollary question: We know that the police have interviewed Mr. Sturgeon.  What has he told them? Why was Mr. DuBois cut off when he tried to go there?

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For today, let’s ask ourselves the question that the DA must eventually try to answer.  How could Hans have disposed of Nina’s corpse by himself?

I see six possible means, listing them in ascending order of likelihood: 1. Burning. [This would be much too hard to conceal, I would think.] 2. A chemical bath. [Same constraint.] 3. Burial. [A classic means, but one that can attract dogs.] 4. Remote storage. [The problem is that the killer probably could not accomplish this unnoticed within a two day time window.] 5. Interment in a construction site, a la Jimmie Hoffa. [One doubts that the killer had the necessary union contacts!] 6.  He left the corpse weighted down and secured under water. [See my thoughts below.]

A cursory review of the literature on women’s diving equipment yields the information that the natural buoyancy of a living woman’s body (remember her lungs would be holding air) is easily overcome with about 40 pounds of additional dead weight.  A cursory review of salvage companies dealing in wrecked automobile parts suggests that the Honda CRX passenger seat would weigh enough to cancel the natural buoyancy of Nina’s corpse. 

A quick look at a Google satellite map of the area north of Skyline Drive in Oakland, i.e., north of Hans’ location when Nina became “missing”, reveals a convenient body of water easily accessed by driving through the adjacent Redwood Regional Park. One easily gets to Chabot Reservoir, 315 acres, average depth 27 feet, with miles of water access from the road. Also in the running is the upper San Leandro Reservoir. Map at -- http://maps.yahoo.com/#lon=-122.121706&lat=37.78235&mag=3 . Click on satellite view & note that Hans would be somewhere near the lower left corner of the map.

If Hans is guilty, it is manifestly in his interest to get this trial over with (prevailing of course) before Nina’s body breaks free and floats to the surface, turns up in a remote storage bin or landfill. Jeopardy will have attached and he could not then be retried (assuming an acquittal of course).


A post comment

Yes, I am aware that Hans Reiser wil undoubtedly claim to have done the work on the CRX seat days after Nina's absence was brought to the attention of the authorities.

But he may have been washing mud from the CRX when seen by his neighbor earlier. 

And the seat apparently is still missing. 

So...if Hans testifies -- watch for a line of questions about the missing car seat, especially"Where is the seat now?" and "When did you dispose of it?".



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