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The Coming Populist Rejection Of The Obama ‘Promise’


The Democratic Party has lost its populist roots.  Its elites have led us to the edge of a cliff.  By elites, I mean the following:


Elites are – almost by definition – out of touch with the rest of us “common” folk. 


A more formal definition holds that elites are those subgroups among the human family, the members of which enjoy a putative, self-identifying “superiority” (whether assumed via cultural, intellectual, class or economic distinction). This status as “superior” is understood to distinguish elites in some essential way (as opposed to any situational or circumstantial status) from the so called “common” people. And that seductive sense of superiority ineluctably tends to insulate all those it infects from the concerns, sense and wisdom of the common people. 


In other words, elites are those “superior” people who are notoriously susceptible to lapses in common compassion, common sense and common wisdom as a direct result of their sense of superiority.


By the cliff, I mean that the sheer scale of the ‘bread and circuses’ extravagance of the federal government, running downhill on empty, chased by a growing army of creditors is beyond rescue. 

We will not simply be able to ‘grow out’ of a multi-trillion dollar fiscal CRATER.  When the prospect of being trapped in that hole dawns on the American people (and we are at that tipping point right now) there will be electoral hell to pay.


Here’s a populist maxim:  You can’t keep on borrowing.” Here’s another, “I earn it, I get to keep it.”  How far the democratic leadership has strayed.


Bill Clinton has plausible populist roots and instincts.  Only a populist democrat, for example (albeit under prodding from  populist conservatives) could implement welfare reform.


Mr. Obama lives and breathes the air shared by the country’s liberal elites.  His populist street cred is minimal, conferred externally by adoring black voters (whose innate social populism drove the defeat of the gay marriage initiative in California).


Enter Victor Davis Hanson, a Hoover scholar and farmer, a conservative democrat -- he has sounded the warning as to Obama train runs past us all, headed downhill, without brakes.



“Dozens of key Democratic lawmakers do not wish to run in 2010 on a platform of a $2 trillion annual deficit, serial apologies abroad, and more trillions in additional borrowed money for dubious programs like nationalized health care and cap-and-trade environmentalism. Their earlier Obamania was predicated on expectations that Obama's stimulus would, by now, be inflating the economy, and we'd go back to a little grumbling at most at Obama's pledge to return to Clinton tax rates, which would supposedly help lower the deficit.

“Instead, we are now talking about borrowing another trillion for a second reckless pork-barreling stimulus, more debt, and adding new higher payroll, state, and surcharge taxes on top of the new rates. So former Obamian Democrats are uneasy and daily watching the polls for that key moment when Obama's polls hit 49%, at which point they will begin to bail, and Obama ("This is not about me"/"You're going to destroy my presidency"), for the first time in his life, discovers that his accustomed charm has now worn off and he is left to draw on two-years worth of senate experience. (Obama at least hopes that Biden, Frank, Holder, and Michelle do not come forth to rally the troops.)”


Link: http://www.victorhanson.com/articles/hanson073009.html

Hanson has nailed it....





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