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Saving Obama from Himself

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Just say – NO!



From Today’s Rasmussen’s Poll: 


‘Overall, 48% of voters say they at least somewhat approve of the President's performance. That matches the lowest level of total approval yet recorded. Fifty-two percent (52%) now disapprove.’

As Hoover Scholar, Victor Davis Hanson (a conservative democrat) recently put it:


LINK: http://victorhanson.com/articles/hanson081009B.html


‘August 10, 2009
Obama’s Great Race to Change America

Tribune Media Services

‘Why does President Obama want to implement radical changes in American foreign policy, environmental policy, education, health care, and the tax code all at once?

‘The answer is easy: If he does not achieve these initiatives soon, he never will.

‘Almost none of Obama’s proposed policies any longer enjoy majority support among voters — and many of them were not clearly outlined to voters during the campaign.

‘Current polls show more Americans are against than in favor of his version of health-care reform. Nearly seven in ten are wary of government takeovers of the economy, like the bank and car bailouts. Over half do not want more borrowing and higher deficits.

‘In response, Obama and the technocrats around him insist they know better than the average voter what is in America’s long-term environmental, health, educational, and financial interests.’

And as I have been arguing recently,


‘The Coming Populist Rejection Of The Obama Promise
‘The Democratic Party has lost its populist roots.  Its elites have led us to the edge of a cliff. 
‘By the cliff, I mean that the sheer scale of the ‘bread and circuses’ extravagance of the federal government, running downhill on empty, chased by a growing army of creditors is beyond rescue. 


‘We will not simply be able to ‘grow out’ of a multi-trillion dollar fiscal CRATER.  When the prospect of being trapped in that hole dawns on the American people (and we are at that tipping point right now) there will be electoral hell to pay.
‘Here’s a populist maxim:  “You can’t keep on borrowing.” Here’s another, “I earn it, I get to keep it.”  How far the democratic leadership has strayed.
‘Bill Clinton has plausible populist roots and instincts.  Only a populist democrat, for example (albeit under prodding from  populist conservatives) could implement welfare reform.
‘Mr. Obama lives and breathes the air shared by the country’s liberal elites.  His populist street cred is minimal, conferred externally by adoring black voters (whose innate social populism drove the defeat of the gay marriage initiative in California).’




As a ‘Truman democrat’, I can easily detect the deep uneasiness among the ‘ordinary’ democratic rank and file and the growing rebelliousness among the democratic elected officials who are not in tune with the arch-liberal subset who have captured the power-levers, but not the soul of America’s once-populist political party.


From friends in the academy, I hear worries about the uncivil ‘tone’ of the recent ‘town hall’ protests.  My friends are tone deaf.  This is exactly what happens when the ‘we know-better-than-you’ elites overreach, when their elected ventriloquist dummies are forced to pretend to listen, and when the ‘common people’ sense, at the deep gut level, that they are booing conned.


This is no small thing.  A breach of trust has taken place.  Rather than repair it, by ACTUALLY LISTENING, the Obama Administration has chosen to plow through to drive a ‘victory’ that belies the projected image of Obama as a post-partisan healer.  This would be a classic pyrrhic victory, one for which the current democrat establishment will pay a deep and lasting price.  Even that would be worth it, except for one problem.  The price will be shared by the country at large.


Those Obama supporters who hope for a better legacy for their president would do well to stop his utopian juggernaut in its tracks.  A better presidency will result….







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