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The Rasmussen Tracking Poll (LINK: http://www.rasmussenreports.com/public_content/politics/obama_administration/daily_presidential_tracking_poll ) tells us that the president's approval ratings are trending downward, now – it seems – hovering in the high 40's, while Mr. Obama's sharp disapproval numbers are trending higher. Even more interesting, an impressive majority of all Americans would like to see the entire congress replaced.

Last year, a family member (an Obama supporter with a sense of humor) gave me a coffee mug, with the motto, “Don't blame me - I voted for McCain.”

This is our season of disappointment: in the Bush Administration, in the GOP for lack of leadership, the McCain campaign for fumbling and confusion, and – now – in the congress and a new administration that seems to have replaced the audacity of hope with the indifference of audacity.

HERE is the speech that John McCain did not give last year when it mattered....

'When landing on an aircraft carrier or rebuilding after a disaster, timing is everything. This is not a time for the audacity of rhetoric. THIS is the time for clarity of purpose and heavy lifting. THIS is the time for the audacity of action, of bold accomplishments that will astound the world and remind fellow Americans who we we really are – a nation of maker, builders and doers.

'We are not going to be saved by speeches or moving financial paper. We are going to be saved by moving American brick, steel, copper, aluminum, uranium, petroleum, natural gas, solar panels, by building American power lines and power plants and by rebuilding American factories.

We are at the crossroads between high rhetoric and bold action. I choose action. Here's what we must now do:

'We will immediately undertake a total energy makeover. We will rebuild the electric power grid just as President Eisenhower rebuilt the highway grid – it needs to carry unprecedented electric loads and it must be made more secure and stable.

'I proposed 50 new nuclear power plants. That was too modest. We will build 200. The pace of construction will be calibrated to drive unemployment down to its lowest practical limits. That is to be our sacrifice. We will sacrifice the easy life idleness, over consumption and under employment. We will do this for the America that we love and for our children.

And we will move our children from the easy curriculum to the challenging and from school to graduation and from graduation to productive, full time benefited jobs. And we will do all of this and more because we love America and because now is the time.

I' promise to join with all leaders of vision and honesty to lead the way. I promise not be deterred or sidetracked and I will not fade or quit.

'There is a time for everything in life. The time for pretty speeches is over. Now it the time to get America moving again.'

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